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A Multiplier Event in the form of one-day workshop was implemented at the end of the project in each partner country and it was meant to disseminate the results of the project.

All project outcomes have been presented and hands on activities have been offered to participants. All partners hosted at least one multiplier event to disseminate the project results and outcomes. In each country, these events have attracted teachers, teacher educators and school staff. Regional school teachers, educational officials and policy makers have been also invited in these events. The purpose of these dissemination workshops was to present to the teachers attending it the available technologies, applications, open-source platforms and good practices through which they can make use of the Augmented Reality technology and create their own Mobile Augmented Reality Games (MARG).

During the various game-plays teachers and academic personnel have provided participants with useful information about the tools, applications and features of the MARGs developed within the project.

The events included targeted presentations about the specific technologies, digital tools and opensource platforms, their features and the ways they can be implemented in teaching practices based on the Augmented Reality Toolkit. Besides the various presentations, a number of hand-on sessions have been held in which teachers participating in the project acted as multipliers and presented their experiences from using the above-mentioned tools to their colleagues. The school students and teachers attending the open MARG-days had the opportunity to experience the game environment of MARG and develop a positive attitude towards their implementation in school reality.

Information about the Multiplier Events in each partner country may be found at the links below.


E1: Multiplier event in Romania

E2: Multiplier event in Netherlands

E3: Multiplier event in Greece

E4: Multiplier event in Cyprus